Comeandsee is a digital learning consulting and development company started by 2 individuals who are specialists in the education and digital learning space with a collective experience of over 30 years between them.

Planning on becoming a strategic player in the learning and development field, Comeandsee offers the following services:

  • B2B – Digitisation of organisation learning and customisation of courses through online or blended delivery to meet the people development objectives for organisation looking to optimise costs and resources and maximising the ROI of training. Each course is pedagogically designed to give the most immersive and engaging learning experience to the learners;
  • B2C – e-library of online courses enabling learners to grow in their professional competencies (while at the same time clocking in their compulsory professional development hours) through convenient accessibility to a wide-range of courses. We work with content owners and subject experts to deliver topics that are current and relevant while keeping up-to-date with the latest product and market developments.

This is just the beginning and we are excited to share what we have to offer and how we can continuously improve our service to give you the best learning experience that we can offer.


Comeandsee Global provide online courses that catered to time constrained professional who need to maintain their professional development. With our mobile app GlobalCS you can keep track of your progress and our courses.

90% lessons are video

Most courses are video based to allowed learner to easily digest complex knowledge in small easily understood packages.

Displaying clear curriculum

All our content are structured clearly to allow learners to dive in at their convenience.

Discussion with other students

Discuss online with fellow learners or instructor/trainer on any of our courses.