By Comeandsee Global | 02 Sep 2021

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Accumulators are designed for investors who wish to accumulate an asset, typically a stock, on a regular basis over a period of time. The attraction is that investors will buy N units of the asset or stock at the strike price which is cheaper than today’s spot price. The drawback is that 2N units or a higher number of units have to be purchased at the strike price should the price of the asset go below the strike. A knock-out barrier above today’s spot price is usually added to lower the leverage of the accumulator to a reasonable level.


  • Know the key features in an accumulator product.
  • Understand how accumulators work.
  • Know the risks to investors due to the asset price going to a low level as well as the knock-out barrier

    $20 | CPD: 0.5 hr

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    • Level: Beginner
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    DR CHAN ONN – Lead Content Expert
    Dr Chan has more than 30 years of mathematical and financial expertise in both academic and corporate organisations.