By Comeandsee Global | 27 Jul 2021

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The fixed income market is a major segment of the financial market. In this course, we discuss money market instruments and the three factors that matter for any fixed income instrument. Bonds are essentially IOUs (I owe you) with maturity longer than a year. This course also covers the characteristics of bonds and their price quotes, the computation of the yield–to– maturity for a bond as well as the relationship between the yield and expected return when the bond is held to maturity.


  • Know the distinction between primary and secondary markets.
  • Know about the money market and the common instruments in it.
  • Know how to compute the discount yield on a treasury bill.
  • Know how to compute the yield–to– maturity of a bond.
  • Know what a credit rating implies for a bond.
  • Know the key features to look out for when trading or investing in a bond.
  • Know about the price quoting convention for USD and SGD bonds.
  • Know how to compute the accrued interest on a bond given its day–count convention.
  • Know the definition of current yield.
  • Know how to compute the duration, and price–value per basis point of a bond.

Courses syllabus

Fixed Income Markets  
Fixed Income Markets and Money Markets 30:00
Introduction to Bonds 30:00
Yield to Maturity 20:00
Types of Bonds and Its Risks 35:00

$65 | CPD: 1.5 hrs

This course includes:

  • Level: Beginner
  • Access on mobile and PC
  • Certificate of completion

Instructor Profile

DR CHAN ONN – Lead Content Expert
Dr Chan has more than 30 years of mathematical and financial expertise in both academic and corporate organisations.