By Comeandsee Global | 02 Sep 2021

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Why do investors need structured products? The course begins with an answer to this question, before getting into a classification of structured products based on their functionality, such as capital protection, yield enhancement, participation and leverage. The constructions of some capital protected and yield enhancement products are discussed in explicit details. In addition, variations of these examples are introduced to illustrate how structured products can serve investors with different risk-reward preferences and market views. The final two sections are devoted to accumulators and constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) products that have grown in popularity in recent times.


  • Know what structured products can offer investors that the classical asset classes cannot.
  • Know the key features of a structured product.
  • Know the characteristics of various wrappers.
  • Understand the credit risks and liquidity constraints in structured products.
  • Understand what a client advisor should know and do before recommending structured products.
  • Know the various factors to note when assessing product suitability.
  • Know the classification of structured products with respect to their risk-reward profiles.
  • Know the construction of classical capital protected notes.
  • Understand the key points to note in a term sheet.
  • Understand how a range accrual note works.
  • Understand the construction of yield enhancement notes.
  • Know how to compare the risk-reward profile of an Equity Linked Note versus a long position in the underlying equity.
  • Know the rudiments of the Credit Default Swap contract and how it is incorporated into a Credit Linked Note.
  • Know the mechanics of a Dual Currency Investment and when it may be a natural product for investors who wish to buy a foreign currency at a cheaper rate than today’s spot rate.
  • Know the key features in an accumulator product.
  • Understand how accumulators work.
  • Know the risks to investors due to the asset price going to a low level as well as the knock-out barrier.
  • Understand the concepts of floor value, cushion, crash size and multiplier that are used in the re-balancing of the investment portfolio on a regular basis.
  • Know the similarities and differences between classical capital protected notes and CPPI notes.


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Courses syllabus

Structured Products: Perspectives and Investment
Introduction to Structured Products 20:00
Types of Structured Products 20:00
Product Suitability for Investors 20:00
Capital or Principle Protected Products 40:00
Yield Enhancement Products: Short Option Strategy 30:00
Credit Linked Notes and Dual Currency 40:00
Accumulators 30:00
CPPI Notes 40:00

    $160 | CPD: 4 hrs

    This course includes:

    • Level: Beginner
    • Access on mobile and PC
    • IBF FTS Accredited
    • Certificate of completion

    Instructor Profile

    DR CHAN ONN – Lead Content Expert
    Dr Chan has more than 30 years of mathematical and financial expertise in both academic and corporate organisations.