By Comeandsee Global | 02 Sep 2021

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Sturctured products are investments which provide a return based on the performance of an asset. This course introduces the rationale for structured products, the types if structured products as well as their construction and features.


  • Know what structured products can offer investors that the classical asset classes cannot.
  • Know the key features of a structured product.
  • Know the characteristics of various wrappers.
  • Understand the credit risks and liquidity constraints in structured products.
  • Know what a client advisor should know and do before recommending structured products.
  • Know the various factors to note when assessing product suitability.
  • Know the classification of structured products with respect to their risk-reward profiles.
  • Know the construction of classical capital protected notes.
  • Understand how a range accrual note works.

Courses syllabus

Understanding Structured Products  
Introduction to Structured Products 20:00
Types of Structured Products 20:00
Product Suitability for Investors 20:00
Capital or Principal Protected Products 40:00

    $65 | CPD: 1.5 hrs

    This course includes:

    • Level: Beginner
    • Access on mobile and PC
    • Certificate of completion

    Instructor Profile

    DR CHAN ONN – Lead Content Expert
    Dr Chan has more than 30 years of mathematical and financial expertise in both academic and corporate organisations.